Communique 013

14 November 2017


The Singapore Cycling Federation (SCF) would like to thank our sponsors and supporters for another fruitful year in cycling.

Internationally, we tasted success as our cyclists won a Bronze, Silver, and Gold medal at the 29th SEA Games 2017. Locally, we have collaborated with corporate organisations and expanded our Singapore Safe Cycling initiatives. We also launched, with overwhelmingly positive feedback, our first ever Women’s Workshop Weekend.

Encouraged by the success of 2017, we hope to make 2018 an even more successful year. We hope to maintain our vibrant calendar of local events, as well as introduce more opportunities for competency and skills development.

SCF’s organised competitions in 2018 will include,

1) OCBC Cycle Team Time Trial (Road) – 1 April 2018

2) OCBC Cycle National Road Championship – Individual Time Trial on 1 July 2018

3) OCBC Cycle National Road Championship – Road Race on 8 July 2018

4) OCBC Cycle National Mountain Bike Championship – Downhill on 21 July 2018

5) OCBC Cycle National Mountain Bike Championship – Cross Country on 22 July 2018

We are also proud to continue our support for local events in 2018 which are as follow,

1) Cycosports Junglecross ( I ) – 21 January

2) Cyclocross Singapore 4th Annual Singapore Cyclocross / Kiddy Roller Cross – 28 January

3) URA Car-Free Criterium – 28 January

4) URA Car-Free Criterium – 25 March

5) Cycosports Junglecross ( II ) – 15 April

6) URA Car-Free Criterium – 27 May

7) URA Car-Free Criterium – 29 July

8) Cycosports Junglecross ( III ) – 26 August

9) Cycosports Junglecross ( IV ) – 14 October

10) URA Car-Free Criterium – 28 October

11) Cycosports Junglecross ( V ) – 11 November

12) OCBC Cycle Speedway Club and Southeast Asian
Championship – November

13) URA Car-Free Criterium – 30 December

As for regional races in 2018, it would include,
1) Tour de Phuket – 9 to 11 March

2) Tour de Bintan – 23 to 25 March

3) Tour of Friendship R1 – 28 April to 2 May

4) Tour de Barelang – September

On the matter of UCI or SCF National Licence, we have managed to maintain our year-long membership, and insurance package priced at $75.00 (early bird rate) with coverage for Personal Accident, and Personal Liability on a worldwide basis for all activities sanctioned or organised by SCF. This rate is for applications received before 31 December 2017. We will charge $85.00 for all applications received after 31 December 2017.

As with 2017, we will continue the OCBC Cycle National Points System in 2018 for both Road and MTB. Yellow jerseys will be given out to the top-ranked Individual across all categories, and Pink jerseys to the top-ranked Singaporean, in the open category. The top-ranked Road and MTB teams will also be awarded a challenge trophy

Thanks again for your support and here’s to a successful 2018 season.

Membership registration links are as follows:
– UCI Racing/Competition Licence (with SCF Individual Membership) :…

– SCF National Racing/Competition Licence (with SCF Individual Membership) :…

– SCF Individual Membership [Non-Race] :…


Membership for 2018 is now open.

Sign up now to enjoy an early bird discount on

  • CAT 2a Racing/Competition Licence : SCF National Licence (Option A – for those without requisite insurance)


SCF Membership Matters

Website update

Getting around stadium and finding our location a challenge?  We have added a locality map for your reference.

Click on the map to zoom in.


Shout Out!

Calling all boys and girls between 9 and 13 years old (as at December 2017).

You are invited to attend the selection trials for the SCF BMX Development Squad.

  • 27 Dec 2017 at the Sportshub, Kallang Practice Track
  • 28 Dec 2017 at the Centaurs Sports Park Turf City

Timing is 8.00am to 10.00am.

Click here for more details

Event Changes

The venue for Singapore Cycle Safe Trainers Course on 5-6 December 2017

has been changed from Sports Hub to

Outward Bound Reception Centre