Beginnings & Today

Posted on Jun 1, 2012 in News, OCBC Singapore Cycling Team

Beginnings & Today

The OCBC Singapore Continental Cycling Team started off as the OCBC Singapore Cycling Team in 2009; launched in collaboration with the OCBC Cycle Singapore event, it was the brain-child of senior Singapore Sports Council officials who deemed it the right time to spear-head a National Development Team for Singapore Road Cycling.

The team is founded on the principles of:





Listed in that order, the team has consistently portrayed an image of UNITY and reliance on each other for success; DETERMINATION in training, racing and everyday life, PESEVERENCE toward our team and individual objectives and SACRIFICE of ourselves toward the team’s success.

The inaugural founding team consisted of 9 riders:

1 –  Daniel LOY (Captain)                                                      2 –   HO Jun Rong

3 – Junaidi HASHIM                                                      4 –  GOH Choon HuatT

5 – Timothy LIM                                                                        6 –  Adi PUTERA

7-  Calvin SIM                                                                        8 –  Lemuel LEE

9      – Darren LOW

We took on an average of 2 new riders per season, but also riders from the roster retire, or take sabbaticals from a competitive life as they focused on more immediate concerns such as careers or academic pursuits.

In 2012, the team took on the more onerous, but professional approach of being registered as a UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) Continental Team.

This entails rigorous submissions of rider/staff contracts, monetary sponsorship confirmation and proof, strict adherence to the UCI and WADA (World Anti Doping Agency)s’ Anti-Doping Accord and an ability to field competitive teams in the UCI Asia Tour professional circuit.

We have on our current 2012 roster:

Team Manager: Justin CHEONG (SIN), 27

1-      HO Jun Rong (SIN), 21                                                      2 – GOH Choon Huat (SIN), 21

3      LOW Ji Wen (SIN), 22                                                      4 – Junaidi HASHIM (SIN), 30

5       Vincent ANG (SIN), 34                                                      6 – Timothy LIM (SIN), 26

7       Lemuel LEE (SIN), 20                                                      8- Darren LOW (SIN), 24

9      Marcus LEONG (SIN), 23                                     10 -LOH Sea Keong (MAS), 26

11  Haidar ANUAR (MAS), 26                         12- Nicholas SQUILLARI (AUS), 29

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SCF aids the project and its limited resources by providing administrative support in the form of accounting, auditing (monetary and physical assets) and key executive decisions of the team (budget spending approvals, cheque issuance, etc) as well as lending the Team its full support and endorsement to represent essentially is brand SINGAPORE on a regional and international basis.

The 2012 season has so far seen the team once more break new frontiers, being the first professional UCI trade team to be registered from Singapore, and scoring great publicity for its escapades and heroics in races such as the Tour de Langkawi (Asia’s largest race by magnitude and prestige) and the Tour de Filipinas, where Team Captain LOH Sea Keong struck the podium with a fine 2nd Overall on General Classification over the brutal 4 days of racing in the Philippines.