About Us

The Singapore Cycling Federation (SCF)

Our objective is to encourage, promote, organize, develop and control the art and pastime of Cycling in Singapore. Formerly known as the Singapore Amateur Cycling Assocation (SACA) we have acquired our new name in July of this year (2011). Since April of this year we acquired the status as a charity under the Charities Act. It has been a period of much change in our sport and in our Federation. To reflect our new name and enhanced responsibilities we have adopted a new logo and complemented it with a series of icons derived from it. Many changes have taken place in our sport and in our organisation since we were founded in 1958 but we remain focussed on promoting and growing Cycling in Singapore.

To do that we have two main identities, that of National Federation and that of National Sports Association.

1. National Federation

The Singapore Cycling Federation  (SCF) is the national federation for cycling recognized by the world body Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) and its affiliated Asian Cycling Confederation (ACC). SCF is thus responsible for licensing of competitive cyclists, sanctioning of local cycling events, and compliance with UCI international regulations in competitions world-wide involving Singapore-registered cyclists and Singapore-registered teams. SCF thus represents the cycling disciplines of road (including Time Trial), track, mountain bike (MTB) and BMX cycling.

2. National Sports Association

SCF is the National Sports Association (NSA) recognized by the Singapore Sports Council (SSC). SCF is responsible to SSC on matters ranging from high participation cycling events that promote the sport, high performance cycling including Singapore’s national cycling teams, and industry development through events, sponsorship and facilities developments. The SSC also overseas the management, administration and operations of SCF in accordance with their Code Of Governance For NSAs.

SCF is also recognized by the Singapore National Olympic Committee (SNOC) for the purposes of cycling representation in international competititions such as the Southeast Asia (SEA) Games, Asian Games, Commonwealth Games, and the Olympic Games. SCF provides information to SNOC on athlete performance related to selection for these major international competitions.